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  • Role of Performance factor in EVM

    Role of Performance Factor in EVM: Performance Factor (PF) plays an important role in forecasting while calculating the value of Estimate to Complete (ETC) in Earned Value Management (EVM). Different values of this Performance Factor will generate a totally different value of ETC, which in turn would help in the calculation of the Estimate at Completion (EAC). In fact, Earned […]

  • Career Journy in Canada

  • What is A schedule Good for?

    What is Schedule Good for? Construction lawyers and scheduling consultants have long grappled with the various methods of analyzing schedule delays. Recently, efforts have been made to establish common nomenclature and consensus as to preferred methods. This article will further explore those efforts, make suggestions as to the application of preferred methods, and discuss related […]

  • Alternate Methods for Integrated Cost & Schedule
    Contingency Estimating

    This paper presents the most commonly used Critical Path Method (CPM) model-based methods, as well as an alternate hybrid parametric model/expected-value method that does not rely on the CPM model and is designed to better align with principles of good contingency estimating practice while being practical to use on all projects.  

  • Scaling Project Control Practice

    How do you provide guidance for project managers to help them implement preferred practices at the “just right” level needed for management visibility and control? There is often a delicate balance between implementing useful practices project personnel understand and support versus what they view as a hindrance to getting their work done. for more info […]

  • As-Built But-For Schedule Delay Analysis

    This article discusses topics such as: why the application of the As-Built But-For Schedule Delay Analysis methodology is appropriate, the As-Built Calculation Schedule, quantification of delays, interpreting the results of removing delays from the As-Built Calculation Schedule, and overcoming criticisms of the As-Built But-For Schedule Delay Analysis Method. For More Info , look at the […]